Legion of Valor Supergroup Base Tour    

Welcome to the Legion of Valor Base tour.

On entering the base you will arrive in the Entrance Lobby:

The next room on the tour is the Hospital. However to get there you need to get past some security measures.

Next is the Teleporter Gallery.

Next up is Mission Control:

Next to Mission Control is the Vehicle Hanger:

The Dojo is where the melee specialists can train and perform displays of their prowess. Next to is an indoor garden for peaceful contemplation and relaxation.

There is a Tech workshop for crafting base items and an arcane laboratory which contains the vault, Inventions worktables and more salvage racks and inspiration & enhancement storage.

Finally on the tour we have the Bar, TV lounge/Ready room and the Assembly Hall. Note how we even look after our SG leader providing him with his favourite vocal lubrication...

There is another area of the base, but I'm afraid this area is classified... this means KEEP OUT!